Born and raised in beautiful Brisbane, Australia. Seriously, this city is so underrated and so close to some pretty great places in South East Queensland.

I love photography, sewing and dogs. Aaaaallll the dogs (and some cats too). I volunteer with a few local rescue organisations by taking photos to help fur babies find their forever homes.

My husband and I have been together forever (married for 4 years, together for 14). When I'm not on location doing photos, or sitting at my computer editing, my life revolves around my dog Max because he is the sweetest, calmest dog I could have ever asked for. He came from a rescue pretty much pre-trained and is the best decision we ever made. Trust me, everyone who meets him loves him. He also makes a pretty great work colleague although I do often find him asleep on the job.

My photography style is bright, and happy and natural. I like the in between moments. The laugh, the silly face, the sweet smile. Those moments are real, show your connection and what I try to capture. I want my subjects to look happy and comfortable and I want to capture moments that will hang on the walls of your home and will make you smile when you look at them for years to come.

I like to take pretty pictures and occasionally I sew pretty things. I’m a bit silly, I like a good dad joke and I survive on carbs and sugar. I could talk under wet cement but I can also be quiet and sneaky like a ninja when I have a camera in my hand, until my clumsy gets the best of me and I fall over something. I have a South Park reference for almost anything that happens to me. I love every dog and baby I’ve ever met.

Girl and the Wolf Photography was previously registered as Laura Elizabeth Dorn. The name was changed in June 2019.


Capturing the fleeting moments filled with love